Concrete Washout Bins

Henriksen Washout Systems (HWS) are a watertight containment system that controls, captures, and contains all of the caustic waste water and concrete washout material from construction projects, eliminating any possibility of an illicit/illegal discharge. This system conforms to Federal EPA, IDNR, and Iowa SUDAS Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for concrete waste and waste water management (WM8), and it is 100% Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) compliant. 100% of the collected waste water and concrete material is recycled.

This MODERN TECHNOLOGY allows workers to easily wash out concrete trucks, pumps and equipment on site, while also protecting storm drain systems from potential illicit/illegal discharges. Our unique system replaces outdated washout systems that rely on plastic-lined hay bales, silt fence, filter sock, and straw wattles which are costly, unsightly and damaging to the environment. Due to overuse, lack of maintenance and an inherent flaw in the material it uses, the older approach simply fails to contain illicit/illegal discharges effectively.

HWS has been proven as the Best Available Technology (BAT) and the Best Management Practice (BMP) when it comes to concrete washout and waste water containment and recycling. Henriksen Washout Systems are the preferred BMP on construction sites for their ability to decrease operational costs while reducing the mess and hassles often associated with other concrete washout measures.


Henriksen Washout Systems are a proven self-contained, watertight, and portable roll off bin capable of holding approximately 7 yards of material – equivalent to 70 ready-mix trucks or washout from 700 yards of poured concrete.


  • Henriksen’s Concrete Washout System is 100% Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP) Compliant.
  • Dimensions: 16’L X 8’W X 2’H / 25′
  • Holding Capacity: 7 Cubic Yards (1100 Gallons) / Washout from 700 yards of poured concrete.
  • Features and Advantages:
    • Exceeds US EPA, State EPA and Regional Guidelines.
    • Conforms to Caltrans and CASQA BMP’s for Concrete Waste and Waste Water Management (WM8)
    • Self-Contained, Watertight, and Portable Roll Off Bin Eliminates Waste water Discharge.
    • Easily Accessible
    • Allows Multiple Concrete Trucks to Wash Out Simultaneously